Human-centric amidst the Industry 5.0 timeframe





The keynote on "Human-Centric: Industry 5.0 in Asset & Maintenance Management" explores the transformative impact of Industry 5.0 on Asset and Maintenance Management paradigms.
Central to Industry 5.0 is a shift towards a human-centric approach, emphasizing collaboration between human intelligence and advanced technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).
This evolution from Industry 4.0’s automation focus to Industry 5.0’s human-machine synergy aims to enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, and sustainability.
In Asset Management, Digital Twins provide real-time data and predictive insights, enabling more proactive and optimized maintenance strategies that align with standards like ISO 55000 as integral part of the Asset Management BowTie
These digital replicas facilitate a collaborative environment where asset managers can monitor performance, predict disruptions, and make informed decisions that extend asset lifecycles and ensure regulatory compliance.
The keynote highlights how this human-digital interface fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation, essential for sustainable and resilient asset management practices.
For maintenance management, the integration of digital twins transforms the traditional reactive approach into a proactive and predictive maintenance framework.
Maintenance managers leverage real-time data to enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize resource allocation.
The collaborative fabric of Industry 5.0 promotes shared problem-solving and collective action, aligning with Asset Management BowTie  standards and driving Asset & Maintenance Management excellence.
Overall, the keynote underscores the critical role of human-centric digital engagement in redefining asset and maintenance management.
By synergizing human expertise with digital innovation, Industry 5.0 not only improves operational outcomes but also contributes to sustainable and resilient industrial practices.
This human-centric approach is poised to elevate the strategic value of maintenance management, fostering an era of intelligent, efficient, and sustainable asset utilization.
This abstract encapsulates the keynote's vision of a future where Industry 5.0 principles harmonize technological advancements with human-centric values, setting a new standard in asset and maintenance management.




Ing. Jan Stoker MSc. MEng., a seasoned and fervent educator, program developer, and senior professional in Asset & Maintenance Management, epitomizes the integration of academic knowledge with industry practice in the realm of Sustainable Asset & Maintenance Management. His extensive experience spans across various sectors, including industry, infrastructure, and the built environment, where he excels as both a researcher and a practitioner.
His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Change Management, Contract Management, and Real Estate Inspections and Consultancy. This diverse skill set is a testament to his comprehensive understanding of the field and his ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.
In his role as the Chair of the European Training Committee (ETC) of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS), Jan is dedicated to advancing the profession and nurturing the next generation of professionals. His commitment to the field extends to his participation as an advisory board member for several industrial maintenance societies, where he contributes his insights to shape vision and strategies.
Additionally, Jan holds a prestigious position as a Senior Lecturer and Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University. His academic contributions are complemented by his practical experience as a Strategic Advisor Asset & Maintenance Management at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, where he applies his extensive knowledge to real-world challenges.
Jan multifaceted career and his dedication to both education and practice in Sustainable Asset & Maintenance Management make him an invaluable asset to the field and an inspiring figure for professionals and students alike.

Stoker Jan, Consultant, Sr, Lecturer, Examinator and Researcher Asset & Maintenance Management at SSAMM

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