EuroMaintenance 2024 TOPICS




This section collects, shares and coordinates solutions and experiences, in asset management processes towards the continuous search for efficiency and sustainability, of 4.0 enabling technologies, and Smart Factory components (Smart Production, Smart Service, Smart Energy).


Distribution takes care of distributing all type of technical items without carrying out manufacturing processes or technical transformations.

The new "Maintenance & Distribution” section is available to all Members to connect customers and the main players of the technical material sector, offering a broad portfolio of high-quality products, maintenance services, training courses aimed at customer needs, and everything that Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers and Production Managers need to improve the work of their children and safeguard the company’s portfolio by avoiding unnecessary waste.


Professional skills are a strategic resource used to achieve the performance objectives of any organization. Skills arise from knowledge, practical experience and behaviours, for which training becomes the ideal path to promote the professional growth of the worker. How to measure and evaluate the result of a training course? In terms of certification and professional quality achieved, what formal recognition does the worker acquire by attending a training course?


The infrastructure section is aimed at promoting training and information about the planning of structural and infrastructural maintenance on site.

Maintenance becomes a strategic asset for companies: what is necessary, when and how much is necessary to invest given the recent technical regulations governing safety and structural and infrastructural maintenance.


Service is the thematic section which deals with promoting the culture of Service Management in the field of maintenance services.

This section works with university research groups and associations that have been involved for years in product-service systems and servitization development, promoting joint initiatives such as articles publication in the magazine and attending.


Maintenance & Transport is the thematic section that deals with spreading the maintenance culture among all the companies that manage fleets of all types of vehicles and transport systems. It works with the trade association ManTra, jointly sponsoring and promoting some training and information initiatives.

EuroMaintenance 2024 stands as a point of reference for all companies that need the support of maintenance experts, able to address fleet and maintenance managers: every request received is forwarded to the section to be processed by the leading Italian experts in the sector.


Sustainability is a pool of perspectives, opportunities and commitments that imposes medium-long-term visions. This transformation process of our economies can no longer be stopped or postponed.

Euromaintenance 2024 with this section wants to create a common thread towards the operators in Maintenance. The goal is to understand the principles and key visions at the basis of Sustainability and Ecological Transition in an overview of Maintenance.


Companies want to guarantee the safety requirements for environments and equipment, protect the operators’ health and safety, and preserve equipment, facilities and workplaces in a functional state.

This is threatened daily by factors and economic difficulties that can deviate from the goals set: the lack or ineffectiveness of maintenance can cause dangerous situations, accidents and health problems. Defects due to poor maintenance (of vehicles, industrial or agricultural machines, electrical systems, fire extinguishers, water systems or workplaces) can cause damage to both humans and the environment.